• Create access to employment.
  • Improve the informal sector to realize competitiveness and stability of growth.
  • Share thebest practices on sustainable development Introduce the assertion of urban to rural and combine harmonious city life and the real means of rural.
  • To foster equality between the opportune and less opportune group.


  • To socialize and to provide capacity building & vocational learning to realize smart individuals and entrepreneurship in the related disciplinese.
  • Responsible natural resources management, environmental rehabilitation - reconstruction - conservation, andrenewable.
  • Information and communication technology, system information, software development, e-government and securecommunication (e-secure).
  • Small Medium business development and creative businesses to attain sustainable growth for home industry, farmers group,fishermen & coastal societies and communal plantation.
  • Health support and related services to revitalize livelihood and healthy society, hospital management, medical practitioners,nurse and care givers with international accreditation, and alternative remedy.


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